Mediavea (10 weeks)

The company I worked for was Mediavea and my tutor was Jean-Cyrille Renaud.

I worked most of my internship on "Merkury" which is made of two websites (front= for customers, back=for the staff). On this website, a customer can pick songs, and purchase a player. Users can create an account, manage their addresses, see their players, their invoices, etc.

I worked around two days and half a day on TelMusique. My job was to move the website from PHP5.6 to a newer version. On top of that, I updated the design of the website, following what the designer made.

I wanted to do web development for my first stage, because I have created a lot of software/games and even though that's what I want to do after my studies, I wanted to explore other areas. My choice was wise in my opinion, because I learned quite a lot of things, and I made use of it every time since then.

My tutor was happy of my work. To quote, he said that « j'ai une très bonne autonomie, une remarquable efficacité, une excellente compréhension du service que nous souhaitions mettre en place et d'une bonne "force de proposition" dans les problèmes rencontrés. »

31st March 2020 to 5th June 2020 (10 weeks)